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Edging Straight - Volume Four

Edging Straight Volume Four

Edging Straight - Volume Four (      Edging Straight - Volume Four (      Edging Straight - Volume Four (24symbols)       Edging Straight - Volume Four (Apple iBooks)

Edging straight - Volume Four (Barnes and Noble)      Edging Straight - Volume Four (Kobo)        Edging Straight - Volume Four (Inktera/ Page Foundry)        Edging Straight - Volume Four (Tolino)

Erotica - Five micro stories, Male-Female (some BDSM)


When the rain comes

The stones sit here, and it’s like they’ve always been here, eternal, unchanging. But things do change. Because now one’s filled, the space beneath at least. So when the rain’s coming, I get up, and I get dressed, and I come here. Because you so loved the rain.

Bath Night

My cell rings again. Once, then again. I wait. Then I hear it. The door, unlocking. The door, opening. The footsteps, coming closer to the bathroom. A moment’s pause – and I hear the door, opening.
I fucking love Bath Night

Event Horizon

I march, because I can see you up ahead, and you're smiling, and you're in your best dress, and as I march past you blow me a kiss, and you wink. And it's that special wink you have, and I know what that means – and if I could fucking run to the end of this march I'd run, and to fuck with Sergeant MacAllister.

Office Training

Laura’s a damn fine secretary. It’s not really her fault she’s rather good at hiring other things in my office as well. Or at least one other thing. But I think I’ve found a way to help her fix that problem...

Cuming Home

I couldn’t do it. Just… couldn’t. Not even once. Not since the day you… Well. Not ‘since’. I even went down to 54th and Nowhere, and tried a rental. It was no good. I couldn’t get it up, never mind get it done. Then it arrived...

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