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Edging Straight - Volume One

Edging Straight Volume One

Edging Straight - Volume One (      Edging Straight - Volume One (      Edging Straight - Volume One (24symbols)       Edging Straight - Volume One (Apple iBooks)

Edging straight - Volume One (Barnes and Noble)      Edging Straight - Volume One (Kobo)        Edging Straight - Volume One (Inktera/ Page Foundry)        Edging Straight - Volume One (Tolino)

Erotica - Five micro stories, Male-Female (some BDSM)


The Day we Didn't

If sex is about anatomy, then maybe eroticism is about people. And maybe something can even be erotic without sex. Was it that way The Day we Didn't?


Outside the air is already hanging still and clear, the crisp edges of Winter all too ready to chill the skin. Inside? Inside, a fire's growing...

Twenty flight cock

Twentieth floor of a tower block - on the outside. OK. So maybe it wasn't really Elvis' fault. But if there's a diamond in a safe on the twenty second, why's Spider Murphy stopped at twenty flights with a rock between his legs?

Shadow Dancing

The neon burns, and the club's a heaving mass of bodies. I see you come on to the floor at the other side, and my hips begin to slide. And again we are shadows - and we dance.


The thing with being a caterpillar is, you got to lose a lot of what you are to become a butterfly. The girl in the mirror grins - and I start to unbutton my shirt.

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