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Edging Straight - Volume Two

Edging Straight Volume Two

Edging Straight - Volume Two (      Edging Straight - Volume Two (      Edging Straight - Volume Two (24symbols)       Edging Straight - Volume Two (Apple iBooks)

Edging straight - Volume Two (Barnes and Noble)      Edging Straight - Volume Two (Kobo)        Edging Straight - Volume Two (Inktera/ Page Foundry)        Edging Straight - Volume Two (Tolino)

Erotica - Five micro stories, Male-Female (some BDSM)


Night Music

Her fingers slide over the neck like they're stroking cock. D-A-B Minor-G. She'd strung in Drop-D, and her bottom three frets are spitting power chords like her axe is cuming. It's time for Night Music...

Jailhouse cock

Spider had always known some day his ass would be rockin' in some jailhouse. The ghost of Elvis wouldn't have had it any other way. But if you're gonna wake up inside, there's worse ways than with your cock in a nurse's mouth.

Lone Wolf

It's a full moon tonight. I'm over the side of town where they don;t get street light, because it makes hunting easier. And I see you. And I don;t want it to be you, but the Hunger's on me. So I start to follow...

Jenny on The Corner

It's cold tonight. There's a wind blowing. But like Suzie says, that just keeps a girl's nipples hard, and saves on advertising. My shirt's as low cut as it can get without falling apart, but that's just like a burger joint menu with tonight's Special Offers - all part of the night's work.

Three little words

It's dark. And it's cold. But that's the way of it this night. Every year, this night. Because this is the night you come back to me – and this is the only night I can be hard now. And I am. I'm so very, very hard.

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