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Edging Straight Volume 01 - cover



So when I started writing this, I was thinking. Not about this - it wasn't written yet. About - well, damned if I know. But I was trying to remember - was it the sax or the trombone? So I found a track on YouTube, and I played it. And it was both :-). But that got me thinking some more - and my fingers started itching. So I should probably apologise - but I blame Elvis (blush).

As usual, I've no idea if this is erotic. That's a reader thing :-). But here it is.


Twenty flight cock

Me, I blame Elvis.

OK. So I guess it wasn’t his fault really. He never even heard of me. But Mom, she was about the biggest Elvis Fan there was. And like any fan, she had her favorite stuff. That’s why she told my dad that Patrick Murphy Junior wasn’t going to be called no Patrick, because she already had a name for me. Hell, I think she booked me into music lessons while she was flat on her back, and I was only halfway out. I think that’s why I took up climbing – ain’t nobody gonna try and haul a saxophone up a mountain and stick it in my fuckin’ mouth. Made my name look kinda natural as well. Which is probably why Mary Murphy’s little boy Spider was on the twentieth floor of a tower block – on the outside. Because maybe I never did like the saxophone, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to get my ass rockin’ in jail one day too if I wasn’t real careful.

See, it turned out there was all kinds of ways a guy who could walk up a building just as easy as mountain could turn some cash. Ways like tonight’s way. In an apartment on the twenty second floor of this block was a safe, and in the safe was a rock. The kind of rock people with lots of money and fuck all sense wanted in their own safes, or on some broad’s finger. Rocks like that open a lot more than doors. So tonight’s walk in the park was more Park Avenue than park, and more straight up than most folk knew how to walk. Which didn’t really explain why I was stopped on twenty, and not headed on to twenty-two. But stopped I was. Because I’d been casing the tower for weeks, and it turned out twenty was a real good place to take the kind of break I didn’t actually need. But I had me a reason, and it didn’t take long before she was there.

The first few times I’d come up the tower, just checking routes and making sure I knew where the cameras were, there was nothin’. Then I’m takin’ a practice run up, and I’m on twenty, and there she is. So OK, you’re goin’ up a tower, and the higher you get the weirder the shit you see, because people figure there’s nobody there to see a thing, so, like, why shut the blinds? But this one, she’s not just not shuttin’ the blinds. She’s in front of the window, and it’s like the window’s her fuckin’ stage. She’s not doin’ the hootchy-cootchy moves you see in the strip joints I, of course, don’t never go into and don’t know anythin’ about. But it’s like there’s someone right in front of her she’s decided is getting anythin’ he, hell or maybe she, wants, and this is the intro. And she stands there, and her hips start to sway, and she starts to drag her skirt up her thighs. And that skirt, it’s makin’ it pretty clear this ain’t no panty-hose kind of gal. She’s draggin’ that skirt up, and her stocking tops are showin’, and her garter belt, and soon enough her panties – or they would be if she was wearin’ any. Which she never is. And she leaves her skirt there, rucked halfway up her thighs, and she she starts to unbutton her shirt. And that shirt, it’s got a hard life, because what’s under it takes a lot of holdin’ back. And the buttons are comin’ undone, and what’s under that shirt is wakin’ up and sayin’ hello. So she slips those buttons undone, and she’s real slow about it, and the shirt’s opening. But even though she’s not wearing panties, she’s got a bra on. I guess maybe the panty thing isn’t so obvious, but what she’s packin’ under the shirt would be.

So she pulls her shirt out of her skirt, the skirt that’s still high enough to show whoever’s not outside the window what they’re getting’ later, and she shrugs her shoulders, and the shirt slips down her arms, and she may still be wearin’ a bra, but that’s just icing for these two cakes, because every time, it’s lace like material’s in short supply, and there’s nothin’ she’s hidin’ from whoever ain’t outside the window. And her nipples, she grabs hold of them through the lace, and it’s real clear you could stick them in a pistol and fire the damn things, they’re so hard. And she pinches them, and she pulls on them, and it’s all through the bra, but the bra is, like, somehow makes it even more than it would be without it. And she’s teasin’ her nipples, and I’m just by the window, and she can’t see me, because it’s dark and I’m in night camo – but my fuckin’ cock’s its own kind of rock.

And she’s teasin’ on her nipples, and she’s pulling them and twisting them, and my cock’s getting harder – and eventually she reaches behind her, and she unclips it, and she drops her arms, and her bra’s on the floor with her shirt, and she’s standin’ there in her rucked up skirt, with her bullet nipples, and she’s lickin’ her lips. Her tongue’s comin’ out, and it’s runnin’ over her lips, and I ain’t thinkin’ about the twenty second, I’m thinkin’ what I’d like to put between those fuckin’ lips while I do my own number on her nipples myself. And it’s like she can hear me, because she lifts her hand up, and she straightens her ring finger, just straight out, and she puts it to her lips – and she pushes it in. It’s not like she’s just suckin’ her finger. That finger’s fuckin’ her face like I want my cock to be fuckin’ her face, and it’s going in and out, and she’s suckin’ on it like I want her to be suckin’ on me. and she sucks, and she fucks, and she sucks, and she fucks – then she stops suckin’ her finger-cock. She stops because she’s got other plans. And she spreads her legs, with that skirt riding higher and higher as she spreads, and it’s up, and she open, and her cunt’s about as ready as any cunt I ever saw ever was. So she keeps that finger straight. and she drops her hand, and now it’s not her face she’s fucking. That finger’s going in her cunt, and her hips are moving like she’s got someone right between her legs, and I have no idea who it is, because there’s nobody there, but I know it ain’t me, no matter how I’d like it to be. And she fucks on her fingers, and she fucks, and every now and again she sucks it clean, and she fucks some more. Until even though I can’t hear her, because these windows are pretty good, I can see she’s comin’ like a fuckin’ freight train. And she’s coming so hard, she’s leanin’ against the glass, and her mouth’s kissing the glass like it’s some guys, or maybe some chick’s, mouth, and her tongues licking the glass, and somehow that’s maybe the hottest bit of all. And she comes, and she goes – and she’s gone, and I’m on my way up to the twenty second. It’s been like that every night for a week, apart from Wednesday when I climbed late, and I guess she’d already done her thing, and it’s kind of a pisser that tonight’s the job, and I won’t be back up this tower.

So I climb up to twenty two, and these windows are good, but there’s way if you know what you’re doing, and I’m inside, and I’m headed for the safe on the wall. Which is lousy timing, because that’s when the front door opens behind me, and this woman’s voice tells me to freeze, because she doesn’t want to shoot anything she might have a use for later. So I figure it’s a good time to freeze. And the woman says I can turn round, and I do, and it’s her. The finger from the twentieth floor. And she’s bare-ass naked apart from high heels and the gun she’s pointing at me. And she asks me if I’ve been enjoying the show, and I play dumb and say what show, and she grins and says the show I’ve been watching every night on the wall, and anyway where was I Wednesday? So I figure I’ve been busted, and all I have to now is find out what the price is to get off the end of the gun. So I ask her her name, and she tells me, and that’s when the evening starts to go downhill real fast. Because I could cope with Diane Parker and a gun pointed at my cock – but Sergeant Diane Parker, NYPD is something else. But it’s not necessarily as bad as it sounds, because New York’s finest don’t generally point their guns at your cock- and she hasn’t fired yet, not even a warning. So I wait.

And she tells me it wouldn’t be worth much, me going to the safe, because she’s already opened it, and the rock inside now is paste, and the real one is somewhere nice and safe, and maybe we should talk about that? So I say talk about what, and she says talk about her pension. Because she doesn’t like what she’s got coming much, and she figures I can maybe help out. Because she hears about all sorts of things that might help her pension, like tonight’s rock, and the security round them, and that’s kind of an interesting conversation we should maybe be having. And she’d like to have that conversation, but right now all those nights in front of the glass have left her kind of horny, and she’s got a better use for my tongue. And I say hell no, and she says hell yeah, and by the way, I should remember she still has a gun and a badge, and I should be a good fucking boy, and get down on my hands and knees and crawl over to her cunt, because she owns my ass now, and I’d better learn to do as I was fucking told. So I figure I’m not going to get a better offer tonight, and I get down on my hands and knees, and I crawl over to her, and she tells me to put my tongue out, and to be a good boy and lick her cunt. And I can smell she sure is ready, and I can see the wet on her pussy hair, and I Figure what the hell, and I put my tongue out, and I lick. And that’s when she brings the cane I guess she had hidden down on my ass – and it fucking hurts, and I fucking scream right into her cunt. And I hear her laughing, and she tells me I sound real nice – and she whips my ass again and tells me to get licking, because I’m her bitch now.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to lick a cunt while you’re screaming? Trust me – you don’t want to find out.

So I’m licking her, and my tongue is deep inside her cunt, and I’m sucking her clit, and to tell the truth, the pain is sort of not all bad, though there’s no way I’m admitting to it. And she’s tasting pretty damn good, and if I’ve got to do this, I figure I might as well do it right. So my tongue’s sliding up and down along her slit, and I’m licking along the lips, and I’m teasing them open and slipping my tongue deeper into her, and I bite on her clit, but not too hard because biting a woman who has a gun at your head isn’t the best idea. And I tease, and I lick and I suck – and I can feel she’s starting to feel it. So she says maybe I should stop now, but I keep licking, and I keep sucking her clit, and gently biting it, and I lick deeper, and she’s getting closer. And she tells me I really, really should stop now, but all she has to do is step backwards and she isn’t stepping, so I start stabbing my tongue into her cunt and using it like a little cock. And I’m stabbing her, and I’m fucking her, and I’m biting her – and it’s all finally too much, and she comes. And I’ve seen how hard this girl comes, and this time isn’t any different, and she can’t stand up, and she pushes me back, and she’s sitting on my face, and she’s flooding into my mouth. Which is when I throw her off, and is when I pull my own gun from its ankle holster, and is when I get up and run over to the window – and is when I put a bullet in her shoulder. But I don’t run, and I don’t hide, because she’s right. It’s time Sergeant Parker and I had a little chat, but this time one with me holding the gun.

So I tell her how maybe she’s right. How maybe we could have a nice little partnership. But how I’m not nobody’s bitch, and that’s one reason she has a bullet in her shoulder. And she pretends to be pissed, but somehow she doesn’t sound like she’s meaning it, and she says how her shoulder fucking hurts – then she says how actually it’s kind of nice too, and maybe next time, it should be me using the cane. And she grins. And she says so what was the other reason? For the bullet? And I say how she’s not thought it through enough. So I go open the safe, and I take out the paste rock, because those things can be traced, and I get her gun, and for a moment she looks scared, but I stand in the door, and I fire towards the safe. And I tell her how she was on stakeout, and she thought something was wrong, and she came up, and I was at the safe, and I had the rock, so she warned me and she fired at me. But I show her in the shoulder, and I got away out of the window. And I said that was an easier story to sell, and what did she think? And she could keep the rock, as a sign of good faith. And she grinned, and she said maybe we should meet some time without a window in the way, and I said maybe so, and I dropped her gun far enough it would take her a while to get it, and I went out the window.

So I get back here, and you ask me how the job went. And I say it went fine, and we got what we wanted. And you say that's cheating, and you want details. So I tell you. And I finish talking, and I tell you that’s how it was, and that was my night. And you’ve already got your legs open, and you’ve already got your hand under your skirt, and I can already see your fingers working in your cunt. And you laugh, and you tell me how you feel so sorry for me, having such a hard – and you grin at my crotch – night. And you say how it’s good all the bitch wanted was my tongue, because you’ve got plans for my cock. And you stand up, and you open your shirt, and you unzip your skirt, and you drop it and step out of it – and like every time I see you do it in all the three years we’ve been partners, my cock is rock hard in an instant. And you grin and say how it’s OK if pussy-Parker is going to be my bitch now, because you know the only pussy I want is yours, and the only mouth I want is yours, and the only ass I want is yours. And you’re right – so very right. And you drop down to your hands and knees, and your ass is switching as you crawl over to me and you take my zip down and you take my cock out and you start to suck. And I know there’s all sorts of rules about partners, and how we’re breaking every one. But I laugh, because it’s not really our fault. Because I’ve got a badge in my pocket, and you’ve got on in yours, and it says it right there, on our badges. So it’s OK if my cock is as Internal-ing your mouth as it can get, and it’s OK if it’s going to Internal your cunt and your ass before we sleep. And if we’re both having Affairs, that’s OK too - because we’re having them with each other. So welcome to us, Sergeant Parker. Welcome to Internal Affairs.