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Jacks and Kings - cover




Like I said over at About Tatters - I don't think I actually write erotica. Or even 'sex'. At least, I hope I don't. I hope I write about people. Who, believe it or not, sometimes - OK, fairly often - have sex in the things I write as Tatter Jack. I'm told people do it (see what I did there?) in the real world too. 'Erotica' (yes, it's in About Tatters as well - sometimes I repeat myself (blush)) is the Great Sin of Marketing(tm). You sort of have to get certain words in, and 'erotica' is one of them. So if you came (heh - see what I did there?) here for erotica, for sex? I hope you fund it. I hope you find it, but I hope you find other things too. People. Who, yes, have sex - but who laugh. Who cry. Who live and, yes, even die sometimes. And who maybe make you laugh - or cry - sometimes, with them or for them. And in the case of the Edging Straight series, generally the main characters are a male/ male (whether physically, psychologically or simply in personal choice) mix. There are other series here where that is not the case, but for here? Here is MM. Or Mm. Or... well. Or.

Phew! So if you're still with me, here we are. Jacks and Kings - come on in!